Friday, 15 June 2012

Cluster of fun and activities – Navarasa

It has been almost a year since I was absorbed into this swarm of art and activity enthusiasts. Little did I know when I joined that it is going to be a part of me through out my journey.

I was looking for a place which can help me take my fervor towards kathak to a serious note when I chanced upon this place Navarasa. I dint hesitate for a moment and called up the number given on the website. A petite voice answered all my queries and said that she is on a break and not conducting the classes and I can join them when they resume again.

Curious as I was, I located this place to be on my way from office to home. I walked up to its door to find it locked with a notebook and a pen hung to it with a note saying that they are closed for a few days and to leave the contact details on which they could revert.

When they did call back it was to tell me that I can join them on the following Monday for a test. A group of girls dancing gracefully welcomed me to Navarasa for the very first time and sitting in one corner with a plaster on her leg was my guru – Shridevi Mahadevan.

A ligament tear in her ankle few days back explained her state. I wondered at her commitment towards Navarasa that made her come even in a difficult time such as this but she had more her in disposition to surprise me.

People came in and went away from Navarasa but the enthusiasm of Shri never faded for once. She keeps on going and going and imparting new things. Coming from a background of software industry its remarkable to see how Shri has immersed herself into art and creativity. She is always on her toes to try something new, to do something different and her enthusiasm with little kids in her creative cocoon requires acclamation.

In my journey with Navarasa, there was never an instance where I felt monotony of routine. Navarasa was a stress-breaker for me. That one hour I spent everyday in Navarasa bought with it new amounts of energy every time. There was no pressure to out do your peers, never the pressure to achieve something unreachable to you, it was always fun and learning.

Before I knew, I was one among the friendly, graceful and dedicated group of girls planning for the Second Annual Day of Navarasa.

Oh, what a time that was. For the new enthusiasts of Navarasa it was the thrill of performing on stage for the first time and for the leading set of Navarasa it was to better their performance this time. It was bigger and better with many forms of art coming together at one place.

It unquestionably was a mammoth successful event and the effort put in by everyone is commendable. But my partiality lies with my teacher who did almost everything from choreographing the kathak sequences to coordinating, with people incharge of the premise, tailors for our costumes, selecting the theme for the event poster, getting the invites done, recording videos,  practicing her own performance and to top it manage  small kids and most importantly their parents. It was an event which has sketched itself in my memory to be there for a long time.

Navarasa hosts a range of art forms like Contemporary dance, Belly dance, dance workshops theatre, puppetry and creative classes for kids. Djembe workshops, Yoga workshops and more.

If you are looking for something to break your monotony, do hop into Navarasa.

Disclaimer: This writing is purely out of my interest and has not been compelled by Navarasa or Shridevi.

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